Where the Renewable & Clean Energy sector is headed

Renewable energy & Clean Energy deployments are set to see significant acceleration in the coming years as the MENA region prepares for the influx of $35 billion in renewable energy investments per year by 2020. Driven by well-designed auctions, favourable financing conditions and declining technology costs, renewables are being brought into the mainstream.

Based on the renewables targets already in place, the region could save 354 million barrels of oil equivalent (a 23% reduction), reduce the power sector’s carbon dioxide emissions by 22%, and cut water withdrawal in the power sector by 17% by 2030.

The future of energy is intelligent


With an estimated US$ 260 billion to be invested in the MENA region’s power sector by 2022, there are lucrative opportunities for industry stakeholders to increase renewable energy production, and invest in the long-term competitiveness and energy security.

Who will you meet?

Buyers of products & services for renewable projects across MEA and the rest of the world, from industries including:

Agent/Distributor | Supplier | Construction | Government | Municipal Authority | Electrical Power Systems | Public Utilities | Engineering Consultant | Main Contractor | Real Estate | Community Developer | Sub-contractors | Architecture | Engineering | Operations | Oil & Gas | Procurement | Purchasing | Project Management | Quality Assurance

30 Oct - 1 Nov 2022