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The significant role of the Transmission & Distribution sector

The latest news about transmission & distribution

  • Egypt’s transmission sector is undergoing rapid development, driven by the national Integrated and Sustainable Energy Strategy 2035. We can expect a great deal of sector opportunities in upgrading the network, which will naturally use cutting-edge transmission technologies to enable more efficiency and access to cheaper resources.  
  • Communication technology and new IBR technology are what T&D-related visitors to Egypt Energy will be seeking, as we move into a new era of more sustainable transmission and distribution.
  • As a signatory to the Eight Countries Electric Interconnection Project, the nation’s electricity grid connects to neighbouring transmission grids in Libya, Jordan, and Syria. While the project is still under development, on completion it will connect the remaining partners - Iraq, Lebanon, Palestine, and Turkey. Such a project needs a great deal of support, and now Egypt is making plans to extend its electricity connectivity to the EU, opportunities are rife for cutting-edge technology supply.

  • Why exhibit in the Transmission and Distribution Sector at Egypt Energy?

    • Play an active role in Egypt’s inevitable movement towards a digitalised future..   

    • Introduce your transmission and distribution solutions to a market that is looking for optimal application management, renewable energy integration, improved retail offerings and multi-purpose billing services.

    • Engage with decision-makers and investors looking for ways to capitalise on the tremendous growth opportunities offered by the shift to a digitalised landscape.  

    • Be part of helping energy companies reinvent themselves as digital champions.

    Who will you meet?

    • Dealers & distributors
    • Procurement & purchasing
    • Contractors - mep/epc/main
    • Project managers
    • Engineers - mechanical/electrical
    • Operations
    • Sub-contractors
    • Utilities
    • Municipal authorities
    • Government
    • Independant power producers
    • Facilities management
    • Original equipment manufacturers
    • Power industry consultants
    Electricx | Egypt Energy

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    Electricx | Egypt Energy

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