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Visit the Critical & Backup Power Zone at Egypt Energy

Get the chance to meet with local, regional and international suppliers of generators, energy storage and energy management systems, all under one roof.


12 - 14 November 2023

Egypt International Exhibition Centre

What is trending in critical and backup power?

The critical and backup power sector is growing at an exponential rate, as more companies rely on large data storage, and seek out reliable, secure, continuous power supplies. The region is witnessing a rising number of refinery green and brownfield projects, which will warrant an increase in backup power requirements.

And while there’s a move away from diesel power generation, a new Series of diesel generator sets was launched in 2022, designed specifically for the growing number of regional data centers, and as a reliable back up power solution for the likes of malls and offices.

Another trend visitors can understand better by attending is the drive towards smaller form factors such as the launch of the 3-kilowatt UPS device half the size and weight of comparable products.

Why visit the Critical and Backup Power Zone at Egypt Energy?


  • Find the latest reliable technologies that will sustain your electrical power and achieve continuous operation.
  • Interact and watch product demos with energy suppliers that will help address your challenges.
  • Find out exactly what you need to secure your critical infrastructure
  • Gain more information on current and future trends and challenges expected in critical & backup power.

Join the world’s energy movers and shakers at Egypt Energy