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Visit the Energy Consumption & Management Zone at Egypt Energy

Seize the opportunity to meet with experts in the field of energy consumption and management.

12 - 14 November 2023

Egypt International Exhibition Centre

What is trending in energy consumption and management?

Energy Management Systems (EMS), which allow close monitoring, controlling and optimising of the performance of a power generation or transmission system, are becoming prevalent in the energy management and consumption sector. EMS are intrinsically linked with the growing need to save and manage energy usage, especially in a rapidly growing nation like Egypt.

Other products, such as smart technologies from companies such as Siemens, Schneider, Honeywell and Yokogawa are driving innovation, cost savings and ensuring environmental concerns are met.

Such industry behemoths are producing smart grids using digital technologies and IoT to make grid operation more reliable, cost-efficient, flexible, safer and sustainable.

A clear sign of the growing interest in and need for energy management in Egypt is Misr Italia Properties (MIP) US$9 million investment in implementing state-of-the-art smart technology systems from Honeywell in its Il Bosco City housing development. The technology includes smart, sustainable energy optimisation solutions.  

Why visit the Energy Consumption & Management Zone at Egypt Energy? 


  • Find out how you can improve power efficiency and consumption at your facility.
  • Interact and watch product demos with energy suppliers that will help address your challenges. 
  • Discover how to align your market strategies according to future trends in energy consumption and management.
  • Learn how new lighting products can help you on saving energy consumption and improve operational efficiency. 


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