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Visit the Smart Solutions Zone at Egypt Energy

Bringing the very best of energy’s smart solutions in one place

12 - 14 November 2023

Egypt International Exhibition Centre

What is trending in smart solutions?

We are all witnessing a global shift to smart metering solutions, as infrastructure moves towards future-proofing demand and supply. Smart solutions offer efficient energy management and straightforward (remote and local) monitoring of energy usage. But integrating smart solutions require intensive capital outlay, complex technologies, hardware, software and personnel with the right expertise. Egypt Energy is a chance to see all that’s required under one roof, including instrumentation, network infrastructure and network management software. System integration is also key.    

For a smart solution to operate smoothly, there needs to be integration across work management systems, mobile workforce management, SCADA/DMS and distribution automation systems. Despite the complexities, the public and private sector are behind smart solutions, given the overarching drive for sustainable energy supply.   

Seize the opportunity to meet with local and international energy suppliers and discover products and solutions that are digitising the energy sector. 

Why visit the Smart Solutions Zone at Egypt Energy?

  • Play an active role in Egypt’s inevitable movement towards a digitalised future.
  • Interact and watch product demos with energy suppliers that will help address your challenges.  
  • Gain more information on current and future trends and challenges expected in the digitalisation space.  
  • Learn how smart solutions can help you on saving energy consumption and improve operational efficiency. 

Visit the Smart Solutions Zone at Egypt Energy 2023 to discover the latest trends and technologies that are digitising the energy sector