Where the Energy Consumption & Management sector is headed

Energy systems around the world are going through rapid transitions that affect many aspects of our lives. As governments and companies look to reduce energy consumption while enhancing the lives of citizens and employees, these shifts will not only continue but accelerate, affecting the way we heat our homes, and power our cars, cities, and industries in the coming decades.

From smart buildings with a focus on automation, data and energy efficiency, to transformative lighting systems; strategic focus and business direction are now geared towards the global smart technology market.

Who will you meet?

Buyers of products & services for T&D projects across MEA and the rest of the world, from industries including:

Agent | Distributor | Supplier | Construction | Government | Municipal Authority | Electrical Power Systems | Public Utilities | Engineering Consultant | Main Contractor | Real Estate | Community Developer | Sub-contractors | Architecture | Engineering | Operations | Oil & Gas | Petrochemicals | Procurement | Purchasing | Project Management | Quality Assurance

Why shoud you be a part of EC&M?

  • Connect with government authorities and utility companies aiming to enhance the lives of citizens while decreasing dependence on fossil fuels
  • Showcase energy-efficient technologies and solutions enabling the development of smart cities
  • Stake your claim in the US$ 2.1 billion market for energy-efficient lighting systems
  • 12 -14 November 2023