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Egypt Energy Leadership conference

Theme: Powering Innovation and Industry in North Africa for a Sustainable, Thriving Future


Global energy and power firms, private and public sector investment vehicles and multilateral agencies set sights on North Africa as a primary market focus for growth.

The significant increase of new power projects in the region, coupled with rapid innovation in clean energy solutions to fast-track ambitious global net zero commitments, have created a multitude of new business and trade opportunities. Egypt alone is set to invest $2.6bln in electricity sector in FY2023/24, however several challenges persist to achieve secure, efficient, stable, and improved electricity services and unlock accelerated pathways to the energy transition in the region.

Held under the patronage of the Ministry of Electricity and Renewable Energy, the Ministry of Environment, and the Ministry of Trade and Industry, the 32nd edition of the Egypt Energy Exhibition will host conferences to drive progress in North African Power Sector transformation by facilitating strategic business dialogue and knowledge exchange.

The conference brings together experts and partners to discuss cooperation, partnerships and the role of electricity in driving economic growth under the theme ‘Powering Innovation and Industry in North Africa for a Sustainable, Thriving Future’.


26 - November

27 - November

28 - November

Main Stage

Renewable Energy Leadership Forum

Future Electricity Systems Forum

Networking Hub

Local Distributers Networking Reception

Innovator-Investor Networking Reception

Women in Energy Networking Reception

Meeting Room 1

Pan African Business Roundtable


(By invitation only)

Who will attend?

Job titles:                                                                                   

·       CEOs  

·       VPs Strategy  

·       Executive Vice Presidents 

·       Presidents  

·       Managing Directors  

·       Project Director and Managers  

·       General Managers  

·       Chief Technology Managers  

·       Chief Transformation Officers 

·       Chief Investment officers  

·       Consultants  

·       Department Heads  

·       Chairmen

·       Account Directors  

·       Senior Analysts

·       Board Members  

·       Trade and Energy Attachés  

·       Senior Government Officials



·       Government and regulators:  

·       Utilities companies  

·       Contractors, sub-contractors, consultants:  

·       Financiers and Investors  

·       End-users:   

o   Infrastructure Projects  

o   Real Estate Developers (Commercial & Residential)  

o   Project & Facilities Management   

o   Industrial facilities (Factories & Industrial Cities)  

o   Schools & Education Institutions  

o   Oil & Gas  

o   Healthcare facilities  

o   Hotels  

o   Health, safety and environment 

o   Telecommunication 

Benefits of attending

·       Insights on market opportunities in producing and exporting green hydrogen

·       Leverage both industry and cross-border capabilities in the power sector

·       Adapt and transfer skills to the African market

·       Address increased demand for skilled personnel 

·       Incorporate innovation into your enterprise

·       Overcome supply chain limitations 

·       Optimise electricity usage, and reduce production costs

·       Undertake large-scale organizational transformation while minimising risks

·       Build a more reliable and intelligent power supply infrastructure

·       Reducing line loss while increasing profit margins - can mature assets be improved cost effectively

·       Enhance distribution flexibility and improve customer services

·       Ensure reliable power supply through intelligent, safe and efficient power transmission and transformation

·       Organizational transformation towards customer centricity and the evolving role of digitalization

·       Explore how to develop large-scale projects at low levelised costs 

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