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Visit the Renewable and Clean Energy Zone at Egypt Energy

Keep abreast of Egypt’s rapidly expanding renewable and clean energy sector and discover never-seen-before products.

12 - 14 November 2023

Egypt International Exhibition Centre

What is trending in renewable and clean energy?

Green hydrogen is big news. As the cost of electrolysers comes down, there’s a level playing field – globally – for green hydrogen production. Constructing green hydrogen facilities supports government plans to establish Egypt as global energy leader, in line with Egypt Vision 2030. Egypt’s pipeline for green hydrogen projects stands at 11.62 gigawatts (GW), equivalent to over 1.57 million tons of green hydrogen, ranking the country in the top three green hydrogen pipelines globally.

Egypt Energy represents a chance to talk to the major players, as the country has the chance to shine in this burgeoning sector – especially on the back of the government’s forthcoming $40 billion national hydrogen plan.

The growing efficiency of solar panels is of keen interest to all; with the event showcasing regional and international PVC sector leaders. It’s a chance to learn more about up-and-coming solar technologies and innovations.

Why visit the Renewable and Clean Energy Zone at Egypt Energy?  


  • Discover the latest in alternate energy solutions
  • Partner with suppliers that help you achieve carbon neutrality
  • Acquire insights into current and future challenges and solutions expected in renewables
  • Connect with renewbale energy stakeholders that are leading the transition in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East
  • Attend the Sustainability and Clean Energy Conference to learn about the latest global and regional developments


Keep abreast of the transition towards renewable and clean energy, the trends, legislations and Egypt’s Energy roadmap.