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Future Electricity Systems Forum 2024

Theme: Empowering a Sustainable Energy Future and Transforming Utilities


The future of Egypt's electricity system looks promising, with substantial growth expected in both capacity and investments. As of 2021, Egypt had a cumulative installed electricity capacity of about 59.5 gigawatts (GW), and this is projected to grow at a Compound Annual Growth Rate of over 2% through 2035.

Renewable energy plays a key role in meeting the future electricity demand in North Africa. In Egypt alone, the National Renewable Energy Strategy aims to increase the share of renewables in the national energy mix to 42% by 2035. This includes significant expansion in solar and wind energy, with ongoing projects and investments expected to make Egypt the largest renewable energy market in Africa.

The Future Electricity System Forum will focus on decentralised energy and its innovations and challenges, the electric vehicle market, energy storage, as well as the digitalisation and cybersecurity of electricity systems.

The conference will bring together experts and partners to discuss cooperation, partnerships, and the role of future electricity systems in driving economic growth.

Key Topics

•  Decentralised energy: Innovations and challenges in grids and electricity distribution

•  Future mobility and the electrification of transportation

•  The future of energy storage • Digitalisation of electricity systems

•  Long Duration Energy Storage and other trending grid technologies

Benefits of attending

•  Discover the integration of digital technologies to improve efficiency and resilience in future electricity systems

•  Determine the best cybersecurity measures for your organisation to mitigate risks associated with digitalisation

•  Assess the potential of innovative and cost-effective battery and utility-scale energy storage to leverage renewable energy

•  Improve metering efficiency to minimise underbilling and revenue loss

•  Minimise energy losses and outages by enhancing operational strategies and maintenance planning for mature assets


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


Opening panel: Pioneering the future of decentralised energy

•  Discuss the potential advantages of decentralised energy in Egypt

•  Overcome the hurdles in implementing decentralised energy solutions in North Africa

•  Explore the economic impact of decentralised energy and its contribution to energy access, affordability and resilience

•  Review successfully implemented decentralised energy projects in developing countries 


Keynote Address: Optimising energy storage by power balancing and cross-border agreements for enhanced grid resilience


Integrating battery storage for grid stability and renewables integration 


EVs and future mobility in North Africa - are we there yet?


Minimising energy losses and outages by enhancing operational strategies and maintenance planning for mature assets


Innovation showcase: Long-Duration Energy Storage (LDES) technologies


Networking break


Next Gen Panel: Next-generation grid infrastructure for sustainable growth

•  Examine the key components of next-generation grid infrastructure necessary to support rapid urbanisation and industrial growth

•  Discuss the integration of advanced grid technologies that enhance capacity, efficiency, and reliability to meet future energy demands

•  Explore how big data and advanced analytics can be utilised to optimise grid management, improve decision-making, and predict future energy trends

•  Highlight successful case studies where data-driven approaches have significantly improved grid operations and sustainability

•  Identify key policy initiatives and regulatory changes needed to accelerate the adoption of innovative grid solutions and ensure long-term sustainability 


Panel discussion: Expanding current and future green hydrogen projects in the African continent

•  Overcoming infrastructure limitationsand investment hurdles to expand hydrogen projects

•  Discuss potential solutions and advances in technology to overcome the challenges

•  Overview of public-private partnerships in hydrogen development and new opportunities for collaboration with international stakeholders


Case Study: Addressing cybersecurity threats and solutions for digitalised energy infrastructure


Deep Dive: Improving metering efficiency to minimise underbilling and revenue loss


Summary and closing remarks


End of conference

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