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Renewable Energy Conference 2024

Theme: Empowering a Sustainable Energy Future and Transforming Utilities


The Renewable Energy Conference will focus on the rapidly growing renewable energy market in North Africa, which is expected to achieve a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of more than 6% by 2029. This growth is driven by supportive government policies and efforts aimed to meet power demand, drive industrial growth, reduce dependency on fossil fuels, and overcome the climate change challenges that are increasingly disrupting the regional economy.

The Renewable Energy Conference will address how innovation, sustainability and collaboration are essential components for investment and growth in the renewable energy sector. The event will delve into the pressing challenges faced by investors and utility leaders in developing energy projects, offering a platform to discuss and devise strategies for overcoming these obstacles. The conference will bring together industry leaders, policymakers, and sector stakeholders to explore and navigate the complexities of the renewable energy landscape in North Africa. Participants will have the opportunity to share insights, forge partnerships, and collaborate on initiatives that will shape the future of renewable energy in the region.

Key Topics

 • The market outlook for sustainable energy in Egypt and North Africa

• Unlocking sustainable financial pathways for a greener future

• The roadmap to becoming a global player in green hydrogen and solar energy

• Harnessing wind resources in North Africa for sustainable development

• Revolutionising the energy landscape through waste to energy innovations

• Exploring different hydroelectric horizons and untapped water resources for clean energy 

Benefits of attending

Understand the key challenges and opportunities in North Africa’s energy landscape •

Identify innovative solutions, strategies, and best practices for advancing renewable energy deployment and grid modernisation

• Strengthen partnerships and collaboration among stakeholders across the energy value chain

• Empower local distributors with tools, knowledge, and resources to optimise their role in delivering reliable and sustainable energy services

• Discuss innovative financing mechanisms and investment strategies to mobilise capital for renewable energy projects in Egypt and North Africa 


Opening ceremony


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies

12:05 - 12:15

Informa opening remarks


Opening remarks by Informa


National speech and welcome address


Panel discussion: Mapping the path towards trading and green investment in renewable energy projects for a sustainable energy future

 Discuss the opportunities and challenges of the diverse renewable energy resources available in the region

• Overview of Egypt's national renewable energy strategy, regulatory framework, and ambitious targets for renewable energy deployment

• Explore the socio-economic benefits, investment opportunities, and technological innovations driving the renewable energy sector

• Discover the scope of renewable energy to boost industry, trade and exports in North Africa 


Keynote: Strategic approaches and insights from successfully executed renewable energy projects 


Industry session


Networking break


Panel discussion: Expanding current and future green hydrogen projects in the African continent

• Overcoming infrastructure limitationsand investment hurdles to expand hydrogen projects

• Discuss potential solutions and advances in technology to overcome the challenges

• Overview of public-private partnerships in hydrogen development and new opportunities for collaboration with international stakeholders


Industry session 


Panel discussion: Outlook of Egypt's solar energy roadmap

• Regulatory frameworks, incentives, and challenges in driving solar energy development

• Securing investment to drive solar energy adoption

• Exploration of innovative technologies in the solar energy field

• Initiatives aimed at developing a skilled workforce for the solar industry


 Industry session


How to keep solar momentum going to achieve the increasing demand in energy


Panel discussion: Governments’ wind energy vision, strategy and investment opportunities

• Assessment of Egypt's wind energy potential and existing wind farms

• Explore the regulatory and policy frameworks shaping wind energy projects

• Review the advancements in wind turbine technology and grid integration.

• Discuss the opportunities for community engagement and local economic growth through wind energy projects 


Balancing wind energy investments with biodiversity conservation


Startups innovation showcase


Summary and closing remarks - Day one


 Local Distributers Networking Reception

Interested in Conference Speaking?


Welcome remarks by the Master of Ceremonies


 Opening panel: Strategic collaboration for a sustainable energy future in Africa

• Overview of the current electricity generation mix and energy consumption patterns in different African countries

• Identify opportunities to diversify the electricity generation mix in North African countries, with a focus on renewable energy sources

• Highlight the key actions required from governments, private sector, and international partners to encourage continued collaboration and investment in sustainable energy projects in Africa 


Fireside chat: Addressing Africa's energy opportunities and challenges

• Review the current energy consumption patterns and key statistics

• Explore the estimated investment required and the role of financial institutions and development banks to meet energy goals in the continent

• Highlight some examples of success stories and case studies of renewable energy projects


Industry session


Networking break


Keynote: Exploring energy-from-waste potential to achieve the Egypt vision for sustainable development and environmental stewardship


Current advances in CCS business models and policy frameworks for Waste-to-Energy facilities 


Industry session


Networking break


Fireside Chat: Exploring economic viability, and return on investments in Geothermal projects in Egypt

• Assessment of the economic factors that influence the viability of geothermal projects, including resource potential, development costs, and market dynamics

• Evaluation of the expected returns and profitability of geothermal projects over their lifecycle

• Exploration of technological advancements and innovations driving down the costs of geothermal energy production 


 Fireside Chat: Innovative techniques and development opportunities in hydropower plants in the region 

  • Visit to learn more.

• Overview on the technological innovations in hydropower and the integration of smart grid technologies and real-time monitoring systems

• Combining hydropower with other renewable energy sources like solar and wind


Maximising synergies among renewable energy systems


Industry session


Carbon credit mandates to encourage emission reductions and foster sustainability 


Advantages of green bonds and their contribution to financing renewable energy and environmental initiatives


Analysing growth strategies and opportunities in Egypts’ EV market


Group photos


Closing remarks and the end of conference 


Women in Energy Networking Reception